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Vertical Prose

July 3rd, 2008

Voice Post @ 03:00 am

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Date:August 21st, 2016 05:49 pm (UTC)


these are just some brief posts on today
when i was at the clinic
i mostly worked on women today
lots of lower back stuff

the first time i’d ever given a massage to a pregnant woman
and i really jacked up my empathy so that i could feel
her body and feel the baby in the womb
and the swollen breasts
the milky nurturing fecundity of the body

she really wanted me to induce labor
and i asked the body if it wanted to do that
and it said
No, Not Time.

i think the only man i worked on today
no, i worked on Carlos too
there’s this other guy who comes in here
who i think of as a mugwump
so we’ll call him Mugwump
and for those of you who know mugwump
he looks like a mugwump
big hump on his back
very tall, gangly
very emaciated
withered face
no beard
has a skeletor look

i was doing some spinal twists on him
and he pulled his knees up to his chest
and i showed him this variation my mother had taught me
where you cross the shins and grab the feet and pull them down
and he kinda pulled his head forward because he’s hunch backed anyway
and squeeze his very skinny legs against his chest
and with his legs cross-boned like that and his skeletor face
i thought Ah, this is where the skull and cross bones must come from
people crouched into a corner
until they wither and die
and dry into bones

and in this amazing day and age
people get to do it while they are alive as well

this morning Jorge told me a story about
when he was growing up
he didn’t grow up religious
but in the catholic school he went to
the nuns couldn’t even bother to learn the Puerto Rican kids names
because they were all the same to them
they couldn’t even bother

so this one nun would give the rows of the desks various names of towns
and then the number of the kid in the row
that’s how she would call on them
“Merqueze 5! Marquez 5!”
and would just shout out all these things they were supposed to know
and if they didn’t know them they would say
“you’re a shame! You’re a Shame! everyone look at this shameful person! this shameful example!”
these weird. . . i never had those kind of traumatizing childhood experiences

i had different ones

and yesterday
i brought home these plates that Clyde gave me
they were old fiesta ware
original vintage fiesta ware
and he gave me all sorts of strange little ice cream cups and tea cups and mugs and juice cups a flower holder and plates
and a saucer
and some of these things were the original fiesta ware “ivory” and “red”
the Red, for those of you who don’t know
has uranium in it
so looking at it is kinda like looking at a television
because there is an internal radioactive glow that comes out of it
in the dark it doesn’t glow
in the light it glows

Jorge said that when he touched it he felt it
and i know when i touch it i felt the buzz in my teeth
Tom didn’t believe me
i looked it up on line and he said Oh My God when i read to him about the Uranium

Jorge insisted in eating off the plate

and i remembered Elliot Smith
because i always forget him

“leave alone, no body’s listening. you know you don’t belong.” something something something
the more important one is
“can’t you ever treat anyone nice?
i think i’m gonna make the same mistake twice. . .
i’m gonna make the same mistake twice. . . “

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Vertical Prose