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Vertical Prose

June 28th, 2008

being at hillside-Voice Post @ 03:51 am

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Date:July 3rd, 2008 12:57 pm (UTC)

Your Voice Post: Balance, Growing old together, Creating and Sex in balance

Dear Dominic,

I enjoy your posts so much. I keep your blog up on my desktop along with other things I check on daily.

Below are my responses to the topics you brought up in this post:

I am 45 now, and I constantly struggle with geting things in balance. I have been working on getting my life in balance particularly in the last year, but I always work on this. Time seems to be one of the major issues I am working on in this incarnation. I am getting close: sleep, nutrition, sex, creating, time with my hubby... all must be just right. Of course just when you think its right, something in you or the world changes and you must change again.

This past year, the Universe has been giving me major nudges to make changes, as if something big were coming up for me or for the world (or for both) that I seemingly need to be prepared for. I think I am going into a new phase, physically/age-wise, emotionally, spiritually... and I must make changes to allow for this. This seems to have been the message this past year or so has been sending to me, from the root of my being.

Hubby and I now at 9 years. Don't be terrified. It's alot of communicating and compromising... but its worth it, and growing old together is great... we will grow old anyway, and it's so nice to have someone to share this with. Just my opinion.

Creating is important, I think. Sex and creating must be in balance, along with all the other aspects of our lives. I have to prioritze alot, constantly, since I enjoy creating in so many different ways (art, music, writing, craft, recording, filming... plus teaching and performing).

When you get back to Indy, we will have to meet, since we did not get to meet last time we tried to work it out. Even if we never meet, however, I enjoy reading your blog, hearing your voice posts, and watching you grow. Its so nice to follow the life of someone who is thoughtful about thier existence (and present in thier existence).

Oh and yes, fireflies are magical... I remember them from my childhood days. When I ocassionally see them now, it always brings a magical feeling.

Merton (Michael)

Vertical Prose