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Vertical Prose

November 8th, 2004

What are you doing right now? @ 03:52 am

Current Music: Josephine - - Tori Amos

maybe there it's early
maybe you're awake
had your first mug of coffee
(only a splash of scotch)

i've not gone to sleep yet
and decided i should dial-up
just to read the lyrics to a song i once loved
"only not
to be of use
--- impossible"

i just finished watching "Some Like it Hot"
coz i'd never seen a movie with Marylin Monroe in it
Jack screamed it at Tony
"not Tonight, Josephine"

which brought back the ideas of such a long time ago...
longer, before me
was Napolean refusing wife to his sex
(and how did that line become famous?)
Tori used it


and i did too.
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Vertical Prose