dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


-- i've decided not to continue this project
because writing about this part of my life takes many many hours every day
which i cannot give it right now
but it is my devotion this summer
i will not be blogging it
so i can make it raw-er and flowy-er and then can make a book out of it
i'll post about that, though
so you won't miss out on it, if you want it

for now
you can read a bit of my notes, which is the way i am completing this project.


i turned 21 in Portland

eli visiting
meeting robert
Utah! Nevada!
to new york
Hello beautiful man!
running through the water deluge, the strawberry, the gutters full, the air, the rivers to jump over
Jerry: HIV
taking everything in stride
panic attack, more healing at the springs
robert, job offer
indiana: i'm a guru
lothlorien: the strangling and dying of nature
the life-sucking cat
the big sexy bear monster
and the magic of my hands

a day, a week, a month of bad british accents
the keys
the faeries, the gold/silver cross
being in my body, just like that
the mushrooms
the faeries
being in arizona, being in arizona, being in arkansas
the bars
the rain fall
right, leaving

rainbow death camp
chakra tuning
perfect : we know how to control god.

teaching the aries to be grounded, drowning

a sort of home
larry: kansas... South Africa!
boyo shaves
new york, yes...
south africa!
face lift, tummy tuck, cigarettes. 18yo 50yo.
click click
manhattan burger, LA stop
we haven't fully exploited this culture
banana like an icecream cone
let the spirit leave the meat

milkwook and silk wood

the bars, that is, the drink, the marriage
the grasshopper
the family
the phone call
heading home.

i'm going to live in new york
i'm going to heal the entire city
i'm doing to die

fag jokes around the table
gone gone gone
we think you should....

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