dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Sutton Place

(i just wrote out a long blather, then cut it, here's the short part i like)

i had reason to be over on York Avenue today
really far east around 60th street
i intended to walk down through the beautiful sunny day to 53rd,
across to get the E to the A home
crossing under the bridge
i was
all of a sudden
on Sutton Place
and there were beautiful old buildings

does anyone know the history of this?

i was a bit mesmerized
thinking of how most of manhattan used to look like that
(and around grammercy park...)

i instantly wanted to know someone who lived in these houses
to go up into them...


maybe post something on craigslist asking?
but my iPhone wasn't connecting, somehow

i walked down to the bottom (after having explored a few of the parks
at the end of streets)
and saw a triangle park overlooking the FDR and the river
a man sat with his shirt off
i came up to him and sat next to him and said
"what a brilliant idea"
and took mine off as well
i was sure he was gay in an instant
... maybe he lived here?

he lived over between 1st and 2nd avenue
and i quickly forgot to ask him about the history of the area
just commented on his sizeable nipples and how we might enjoy eachother sometime

i was so spaced out from the fasting
i just lay back and enjoyed the sun on my naked torso

i gave him my card
and walked down 53rd

everything is so exciting when i'm fasting
because i can't have any of it
that mexican food
that indian

the little porn store run by two dykes called "Come Again..."


when i got home
the computer wasn't here yet
the internet was still down
i was infuriated and made a bunch of phone calls

i got the internet company to reset my modem
and it seems to be working now (i'd done plenty of hard-rests myself)
and i got the cards saying i could pick up the computer tomorrow at
the post office


i think i'm going cook some congee tomorrow morning too
it's time to get back to food.

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