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Vertical Prose

May 26th, 2008

Voice Post: Yin and yang @ 01:24 am

415K 2:08
“Remember the home that I found in my years of being lost in the desert was the yang in the sky, far beyond the grip of this earth's story. The light of the stars shining from the heart of eternity...feel it pulsing from above. The yin, deep in the heart of this planet and indeed below, beyond, out into the darkness, the space between the stars at the heart of eternity. But let it be filtered through this Earth for that is what the body is made of. And though unfiltered yin is good for the soul, spirit, energy, the body is more nourished by that which is filtered through the Earth. Just like the body is more nourished by the yang filtered through the sun. Balance. Feel it through the asshole, the belly, the heart, the throat, the head and out. Feel infinity from all directions, and limitless power, and remind your friends to do so as well.”

Transcribed by: astromante
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Vertical Prose