dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

must'a been a dream from a thousand years ago..

well, what can i say?

i've been... busy.

New Hampshire

Love? Lee...

i'm leaving in a few hours for Tennessee for the faery gathering at Short Mountain

i'll be there til round the 11th or so
if you're looking for me
that is where you'll find me.



there's been this thing about love
immense comfort
so much it's scary.

there's been lots of cuddling
really appreciative
with lover
with lovers

and intelligence

and... forget me not: stupidity

wrapt up the fear, twirled around

it's been OK

it's been alright.

today i have been sleep deprived all day
and it all seemed odd:
i don't belong here

all of these people live here

i am a visitor here: i am not permanent

so i'm leaving

though i planned on doing that anyway
so it's not out of place


for those of you who don't live here...

there are so many flashing lights
and little rooms you can get in
that rumble
and take you across the city

now we're at the beach
now we're in the dark
by the park
up the stairs
lost in pizza
and some strange raw-meat dish from korea

beautiful creative people
insecure people
fabulous people
humble people


pretty girls too

i am glad i'm in love with everybody

while i was in bed with Pop a few days ago
i realized we were all in love

while i lay with that stout manifestation of Mars/neptune and mercury
i tried to express it:

we have so much trouble getting it together

strip us down
butter us up
roll around in love

so hard to get in sometime

i'm tired
and can't begin to tell you all about it

sorry i've not seen those of you i've wanted to see
sorry i've not served those of you i've wanted to serve

there will be more

i'm going to the trees
to the people who are pretty OK with being crazy
and dreaming up a different reality than that which is Just being offered
clashing the regular creative cycle

but all of it is neccessary

thanks for doing the work

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