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Vertical Prose

August 27th, 2004

i remember a bananna and heartwood @ 02:53 am

i remember a time
the second faery gathering i ever went to
i got a ride with a girl i knew from Heartwood
she and another
to meet her boyfriend in portland

we stopped in Cresent City to buy some snaks

got a bannana
and even though it was organic
it felt Dead.

the life-force up at Heartwood was so High it was shocking
so noticable
i gave a demonstration
we held the fruits
and opened up and poured energy into them
filling them with life
so when we ate them we wouldn't be filled with dead.

arriving back from town to this mountain today felt the same way:
get used to focused high-intensity life energy
and the "normal world" just feels tiring.
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Vertical Prose