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Vertical Prose

August 12th, 2004

thoughts right now @ 02:14 am

i actually wrote this a little bit ago...

i've been away from the computer
i've been up in the forest
i've been using my paper journal to make notes
of important things
i'd rather not forget
i'd like live through
and live with.

there are many even more vague sketches than this
but i'll copy this here
to let you all know i'm back on the grid

in fact
be flying into SF in just a few hours

in the mean time
before you see my shining face

here's a little thought i had:

of course
i have come to rest in my Zen Snideness
that is
razing everyone and their lives to trivial, empty, or imperfect trash
and though that gives a certain sense of security
it hits me suddenly
though i may feel secure in this nullifying of all these shattered fragments of myself that i meet
my true desire is to feel love and acceptance of them
to see the beauty in their lives
and through that witnessing
be able to bring the light through into them
giving them faith and furthuring their mission, their path, their love
Yes Yes
but i balance that against the feeling that i can't change others' lives
that i SHOULDN'T
and so i should love and appreciate them free of changing them
of bettering them
of nourishing them with love

loving them simply for the satisfaction of the universal energy being used for Love.

what is enough?
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Date:August 13th, 2004 01:49 am (UTC)

Quotations from “GOD CALLING” - A devotional Diary, written by The Two Listeners).

(passed on to you, with Love and Care)

(intro) THE VOICE DEVINE - by one of the “Two Listeners”.

“ In the autumn of 1932 I was sitting in the lounge of an hotel when a visitor ,quite unknown, crossed over and ,handing me a copy of “For Sinners Only”, asked if I had read it. I answered “No” ,and she left it with me. On returning home, I bought a copy for myself. I was curiously affected by the book and felt that I wanted all my friends to read it immediately. Not being rich, this desire had to be content with two copies, which I lent to various people, on whom it seemed to make little effect.

A few months later I read it again. It was then that there came a persistent desire to try to see whether I could get guidance through sharing a quiet time with the friend with whom I was then living. She was a deeply spiritual woman with unwavering faith in the goodness of God and a devout believer in prayer, although her life had not been an easy one. I was rather sceptical, but, as she agreed, we sat down, pencils and paper in hand and waited. (This was in December, 1932).

My results were entirely negative. Portions of texts came and went, then my mind wondered to ordinary topics. But with my friend a very wonderful thing happened. From the first beautiful messages were given to her by our Lord Himself, and every day from then these messages have never failed us. We felt all unworthy and overwhelmed by the wonder of it, and could hardly realize that WE were being taught, trained and encouraged day by day by HIM personally - when millions of souls, far worthier, had to be content with guidance from the Bible, sermons, their Churches, books and other sources.

Certainly we were not in any way psychic or advanced in spiritual growth, but just very ordinary human beings, who had had more suffering and worry than the majority and who had known tragedy after tragedy.

The tender understanding of some of our Lord’s messages was at times almost heart-breaking : but His loving reproofs would leave no hurt. Always ,and this daily, He insisted that we should be channels of Love, Joy and Laughter in His broken world. This was the Man of Sorrows in a new aspect.

We, or rather I, found this command very difficult to obey, although to others it might have been simple. To laugh, to cheer opthers, to be always joyful when days were pain-racked, nights tortured by chronic insomnia, when poverty and almost insupportable worry were our daily portion, when prayers went unanswered and God’s face was veiled and fresh calamities came upon us? Still came this insistent command to love and laugh and be joy-bringers to the lives we contacted.

Disheartened, one of us would gladly have ceased the struggle and passed on to another and happier life. But He encouraged us daily, saying that He would not break the instruments that He intended to use. That He would not leave the metal in the crucible longer than was necessary for the burning away of the dross. Continually He exhorted us not to lose heart, and spoke of the joy that the future held for us. -Totally unexpected interpretations of His own words were given.

An adverse verdict on seeing visions of Himself, which we had hithertogranted only to the saintliest and, most strongly stressed of all, the immense power given to TWO souls praying together in close union and at one in their desire to love and serve Him. As others have proved, “such a union may - in God’s hands - accomplishsuch great things that there certainly will be inimical forces whose purpose it is to mar the friendship.” And so we found it.

- - - - -
(from “God Calling”).


The way of the soul’s transformation is the Way of Devine Companionship.

Not so much your asking Me to make this or that of you -- but the living with Me, talking to Me. Thus you grow like Me.

Love Me. Rest in Me. Joy in Me.

(more to follow)

Date:August 13th, 2004 01:56 am (UTC)

(from "God Calling")

August 12 -HOLY REVELRY.

Live with Me. Work with Me. Ever delight to do My Holy Will. Let this be the satisfaction of your life. Revel in it.

Let the wonder of My care for you be so comforting that you may see no dullness in drudgery, in delay . . .

The Glory of My leading (the wonder of its intimacy) reveals such tender knowledge of you, past and future. Let this reveal Me to you. And so daily increase your knowledge of Me.

Know that no prayer goes unanswered. Remember that the moment a thing seems wrong to you, or a person’s actions to be not what you think they should be --at that moment begins your obligation and responsibility to pray for those wrongs to be righted, or that person to be different.


(O Jesus ,help us, we beseech Thee).

Ever your Helper through dark to Light, through weakness to Power, through sin to Salvation, through danger to Security, through poverty to Plenty, through indifference to Love, through resentment to Perfect Forgiveness.

Never be satisfied with a comparison with those around you. Ever let My words ring out. “Be ye perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.” Stop short at nothing less.

Make it your practice to review your character -- take it in relation to life, to your dear ones, your household, friends, acquaintances, your country, your work.

See where I ,your Lord, in the same relation or circumstances, would act differently. Plan how best such and such a fault can be eradicated, or such and such a sin, mistake or omission, can be avoided.

A weekly review at least you must have. “

(passed on to you, with Love and Care!)

Date:August 13th, 2004 02:15 am (UTC)

Daily Messages...

(just wondering ...do you like reading these as much as I do ? ...and is it okay if I send you more of those...?)
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Date:August 13th, 2004 11:52 am (UTC)

Re: Daily Messages...

NO, i don't think i do.
though the stories are OK and everything
the verbage triggers feelings i really don't enjoy
and though little reminders like this can be good
i prefer to get them from people saying them me
or witnessing them myself
--- this kind of "spirutal inspirationalism" kinda makes me gag:
it's the radical kidd in me

thanks for the thought, though

who is this?

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Date:August 13th, 2004 03:35 am (UTC)

Dear Tree Dancer

I will have a kettle of hot tea ready.

Vertical Prose