dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Got Enlightenment?

out of everyone's eyes is the Grand Organization

what you see is what you know: clearly manifest

whatever understandings you have
judgments you decree
the world conforms

your world
as you perceive it

and what a wonderful world
the jigsaw falls into place
it some how all fits together and keeps going

there's space for the apples to grow in your orchard
there's room for you apocalypse
just around the corner
it will not be too late for you to get mugged by that dark-skinned baddie up the block
and every lover leave you loveless
or potentially be your soulmate

i know you'll find a way to be famous
and everyone will know your name
tomorrow will not be too late
for your millions to come rolling in
so you can buy the restaurant
on a night you don't want to deal with any chatter going on around you

it can all happen
there's time enough for love
and hope enough for tragedy

make your wishes
dream your dream
commit to your life with each breath
and each cloud of exhalate seals your fate

i know this

i could touch it with my tongue
i had such dreams...

now i'm not better or worse
just another confused soul
blocks falling out of the sky
to make up the puzzle
stage hands shoving me on stages
when i've forgot the plot

as good as any other
bright spots
dark spots

she asked me tonight
if i had intentions to get enlightened
and talked about all the ways
i said i'd been working for nearly ten years purifying my intentions
not to get enlightened
but to Be enlightened

i know what it looks like
i've felt it
lo siento
i just can't stay there...

but if i could
i wouldn't cast so many damn shadows on every one i meet
i'd see clearly what each thought did to everything around me
and i could instantly turn the ugly into beautiful

i don't want to be just another obstacle in front of a star
i want to be one myself
shining light out into the night

is that my intention?
let me look through my pockets and see if there was anything else i forgot

one sec...

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