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people use the term "disillusioned" in a negative context
"i used to really love him, but after i saw how he behaved at that party i'm completely disillusioned and gave him back his varsity jacket"
"i really thought Bush was going to get in there and liberate those terrible muslims so we could get cheaper oil... but at about year 5 in the war i became disillusioned with the whole thing... do you think our next president will be able to secure the health and welfare of my Hummer?"

however, most people use many words incorrectly

When someone is disillusioned of you
it is a good thing
because they weren't seeing you
they were seeing a fantasy
and they were believing that fantasy
and living with it
when they become disillusioned
something has happened that has broken that fantasy

it's nice to believe that you had something to do with this occurrence
many illusioned people will never really see you anyway
so who knows if you did or not?

it's nice to believe that that person now sees you for who you really are
past their illusions
to the truth of your being
but that is also hopeful

the point i am making is
if someone tells you they are disillusioned of/with you
do not be saddened nor disappointed
sure, it might suck that a game you've been playing has come to an end
and you may have to face something you've been able to get away with or slide by
on account of an apparition guarding you from sight
but on the bright side
you don't have to play that role, which wasn't you anyway, anymore
and you can relax a bit
and be closer to being yourself

in fact
with others become disillusioned about you
it gives you a chance to be less illusioned with yourself as well
and more in integrity

here's for good luck in our next attempt!

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