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(talk about) Pop Music

so, the night before i left town
i'd been painting the golden moldings in my apartment for hours
and was asphyxiating from the fumes

Jorge and i went out for a walk
i forced him a rushed way

being a total control freak
and feeling on edge

all the stuff i wanted to do
not enough time

and TIRED!
(and high from pain fumes)

we went to eat at Albert's Mofongo House on Dykeman street
and had some beer
all in all
fresh air and food and beer
i was much more relaxed on the walk back...

which is beautiful:
we can walk through the bottom part of Tryon Park
green and lush and woodsy

people in the park..
those Latins... they're always Loitering..
being people in public!

Jorge started singing "Thriller"
and it lead into some frank and vulgar conversation
where my teen-age voice spoke up and talked about
meaningless pop music

he said
"what do you mean by 'meaningless'? "

' you know, ' i said, ' all those songs about nothing else but dancing and having a good time '

he replied, " Dancing and having a good time has been a fundamental part of human existance far before society even existed... i'd hardly call that ' Meaningless' "

which struck me:
i've ALWAYS held that viewpoint
and some disdain for music like that
since i've been a conscious adult (like, age 13, you know?)

and this is the FIRST TIME anyone has ever replied like that
which razed all of my crap judgmental emotions
with simple sound logic

Jorge has played me tons of music (he's given me a mix CD almost ever week i've known him)
that i would usually hate or just find dreadful and boring

but i love it

he's an Emissary from the world of Humanity

People Dancing and having a good time

not that he's a big old disco queen
he doesn't go out dancing all the time
but he loves he when he does..

our conversation tested its weight when i looked up the lyrics to "Thriller"
wondering what the fuck that song was about anyway...

and still didn't get it

he said
"it's about duality, what we always want and are afraid of and what we're offering and what we're threatening"
(ok, true, he didn't say it all like that, that's my interpretation)

It destroys the horizon of my tiny little world
to understand that all of the fluff pop i've relegated to "Crap"
also has the voice of eternity in it too

probably even Britteny Spears
and Ignacio Iglacia
and the rest of that producer-driven drivel

doesn't mean i have to listen to it though

such opportunities for an open heart flavoured with love...

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