dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

two daves and a hugh

driving into Rock River on Saturday
the parking area was pretty full
but there was a minivan pulling out
i slid in
waiting to take his spot
the drive spoke to me
telling me i could have it as soon as he could pull out

and he was the most handsome daddy bear

i talked with him a bit
growing tumescent
he said he wanted company
but did not want to go sludging through the forest
i understood

he shook my hand with his warm meaty paw
"my name's Dave; i'm a bear bottom"

well that would be fine by me!

i gave him contact information
and off he went..

but as i walked through the forest
i kept wondering why i didn't just suggest we drive back to the house so i could fuck him RIGHT THEN


why didn't i think of that?

i really wanted to be naked out in nature
have the buffet of cocks in the forest
but a full bodied naked bear in bed

i couldn't call him back
and would he ever call me?

at the top of the far bank
before crossing the river
i ran into the most beautiful man
a big lumbering hairy bear man
sexy muscular body
round full belly

his name was also Dave
he was from Western Mass...
i wondered if i'd seen him on bear411?
he'd never heard of it
knowing only local AOL chatrooms
and i forgot to get his handle!
i could have emailed him

i massaged him
he didn't grow hard at all
so wasn't into me
reticent to even let me touch him
but succumbed to my massaging hands

but why didn't i get contact?

he wouldn't let me photograph him
but i got one as he was walking away..

what was most interesting to me was his ignorant masculinity
not Gay at all....

he told me he was a Hunter
Bear, moose, elk...

he tracks...
he climbs trees and shoots them too..

made me regret my father, again
his "blind" hunting
sitting in warm headed rooms in an easy chair
(louis said)
how embarrassing
that's not HUNTING

this Dave
he was so hot
and he walked away
off to "the Ledges" to do some Kayaking..

i kicked myself all the way to the beach
why didn't i get contact?

at the beach
i met a man named Hugh
who had some "something something" so his penis didn't form fully
down curve...
but nice and thick
he was a nice fellow
and gives massage

he rubbed me on the rocks
warm rocks

he talked about Classic Attraction:

Classic Female Attraction
looks for a man who is powerful and a good provider
the body hair
broad chest
beefy - healthy looking
someone who can provide for her and her children until they are old enough to provide for themselves

Classic Male Attraction
looks for someone young and healthy, fit
who he will be able to breed
and not waste his seed on
someone who will pop out good babies
and take care of them
until they are old enough to take care of them selves

Yes yes
that makes sense!
and as faggots
we can have both
and something else! (our fetishes)

a good reminder...

and So...


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