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Vertical Prose

July 22nd, 2004

i'm on my way @ 08:20 am

Current Mood: leaving
Current Music: planes? water pumps? birds...

i'm leaving the house ina few hours for sausilito
to take the ferry to SF
to meet a friend and copy some music
to meet a guy and give a massage
to meet a friend and go to sleep
to meet a person i don't know
to give me a ride to LA
to lick the sweat of some beauty
to talk to my daddy
to smooth back my friend's forehead
to stand next to my brother
and help him move
to the plane
to indiana
to helping my parent's move [into the back yard]
to exchange some massage
to give and recieve love
to canoe up in the waters of minnessoata
and not go crazy
but help my family to
in a loving way
to come back to SF
rest a moment
or work a moment
or what else?
then get on a plane
and go to NYC
where i'll find love and stress and work and excitement
and doors out of the city
and sleeping

i'm getting ahead of myself

i'm on my way
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Vertical Prose