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Vertical Prose

April 10th, 2007

lost things.... @ 07:35 pm

i wanted to open a coconut for brunch
and couldn't find the machete

where did it go?
i walked around and around
asked the boys

no one knows.

i remember last using it when i found the sugar cane
shaving it off
sharing it with the guest...

i remember wanting to take it back to my yurt
so i had one at hand
to open coconuts back there
and use to chop up the forest

but i don't remember taking it back there..

i looked around
i looked and looked


i looked under the yurt
in the brush
in piles of things i'd ripped up

i wracked my brains
trying to remember where i left it

-- i had no recollection of actually using it over here
except when i cut the sugar cane down.

where did it go?

eventually i gave up and got another one and had my coconut...

much later in the day
i was digging in the forest
in fact
trying to knock down trees again
wanted the little crow-bar i've been using for weeding and digging..

and couldn't find it anywhere

i looked where i usually put it
but not there..

i looked around...
where was it?

i tried to remember the last place i used it
where i left it
... i always leave it in the same place..
so maybe it's in the sticks
in the twigs
-- the last time i remember using it was when my client came over and watched me work on friday

maybe i got distracted and left it on the ground?

i looked and looked
and couldn't find it anywhere...

(**EDIT** the day after i found it in the grass by my basil bed)

did one of the boys come and take it?
i doubt it

but i was paranoid and confused

why am i losing things all of a sudden?

useful tools
should i buy new ones to replace them?
should i keep looking?
needle in the hay...

just something else lost in the jungle.

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Vertical Prose