dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

dream - old friends - movie - video game

there was some contact
i flew across the world
from somewhere to elsewhere
to meet someone for something

i think it was planes and trains
i ended up in a sepia-toned hotel
... some kinda business meeting

in the hotel bar
a necessity
a man picks up on me
and there's my old friend Sheridan

she's distant
doing work herself

a million events transpire

then man and i
fall in love
or something

some hot passionate time

on the train
leaving that place
it comes out that Sheridan set up this whole thing
the man was an escort
and she hired him for me

in some effort to win my confidence
make me happy and grateful
then ask me to indulge her on something

my sister...

something about my sister

(i had an argument with her yesterday
my understanding is that she's not listening to herself
and gets realy defensive when people don't buy the line of crap she's trying to use to delude her self... - -people have accused me of the same thing in the past)

something about Trevis

(Steed asked me to tell the tale of Trevis last night -- he's been reading my old journal entries -- so i told a condensed version of it from meeting him to parting with him... to now. it really made me sad. but some interesting things came out that i'd never seen before...)

something about a video game
like Lost Magic, kinda

S and T and maybe my sister and i were some sorts of warriors
corralling children
moving them up and down a hill
through the river's area
behind the waterfall..
(where Hina lives...)

after our mission was completed
i felt compelled to go back up there
to look further

we found a Mana Goddess statue
and she gifted us with a new Rune / Magic

it was basically a stylized Satyrn symbol
and it was said to "revitalize life"

i cast it once
so powerful
resetting all the switches
renewing all the valves

i woke up


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