dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

three weeks


And so..
what have i been up to?

i've not been on the computer since Monday.. i think it was
i was down in Kopoho with Steed
took my lap top out in the back yard to get a signal
downloaded most of my mail before it began to pour

and i wrote that day...

but haven't opened it up since then

today is thursday

my third week here.

i've been playing the SoM
feeling very lethargic (waning moon? sex?)

cuddling with Steed was great
but i felt so tired afterwards
and the hawaiian tuesday night
and the guest staying here on wednesday
(he was a client, but so very much my type, i count myself lucky: i love giving a four hour session to someone out of lust AND work)

but all this contact
i yearned for
has me feeling tired

or is it the waning moon?

or was it just soaking in the waters for hours?

Steed has an amazing warm tidal pool in his back yard
warmed under by lava
(i already wrote about this? oh...)
i soaked for hours sunday night
after Steed picked me up at the Makuu market and showed me the sights of Hilo
(they have "shaved ice" here... much like my child-hood "Sno-Cones"... but the sugar really threw me off... felt SO crashed afterwards)

we're in a bit of a Drought
so the falls he took me to see were gorgeous... but not as big as usual
and the "boiling pots" were amazing
but not too boiling
and i forgot to bring my camera to photograph things
and the clouds were over the moon...

but i had my first attempt at climbing a coconut tree
( chickened out -- opted for a ladder )

got some good photos of the pond at low and high tide..

Steed left me alone in the water for a while...
i became quiet
and everything changed

all of a sudden i could see all the crabs and fish
i watched them
as the water rose around me

when S joined me again
we both watched the lizards
jumping off a leaf to eat a spider from the middle of its web
running on the water back to the rocky ledge...

back at the farm on Monday night i slept hard
and tuesday was very lethargic
only worked a bit less than 3 hours

that night a local guy came over
who knew everyone
big dark man with a very traditional flat face
-- from the way i described my client last week
he tells me he must have been Portuguese
which is not considered the same as the rest of us Haowlie ("Strangers")
because they were shipped in long ago as workers...

he brought some food
but not what i would have bought..
so for the next few days i ate my way through a bag of Lay's potato chips (with sour cream and onions)
-- it made me feel ill in more ways than one...

it was hard to get work done

the two guests who arrived monday night
-- heard them talking tuesday morning
one had a very sexy resonant voice that made the walls (and, indeed, me) vibrate

i offered my services to them both
and the older of the two took me up on it
-- while i was talking with the hawaiian tuesday night
he came up and asked me if i could work on him that night
but i was not ready

wednesday would have been better if i hadn't have been charged by the horses
-- i offered one a banana
and he and the stallion both pushed
i gave them both a bite
then ran around the side of them to give a little to the other

that spooked them
and they all charged me
knocked in the side
spun me round
knocked to the ground

a little blood from my knees
but they didn't break my legs or anything
so i'm happy

i went and rested
brought myself together

so when i went to give the massage that night
i was sore all over

buy my o my
was the man beautiful to me

-- i just really appreciate a man like that
and HE lives in Stuttgart right now
which is a town in Germany i've spent a lot of time in
one of my favourite farmer's live there..

i always try to convince him to visit me...

even though the massage night was beautiful and thankful and a lot of fun
it made thursday morning even more syrupy..
so hard to get up
only 7 hrs sleep
still recovering from the full moon

a bit of SoM
then went to wash all my sheets..

wandering back along the path
i broke a cane grass to get it out of my way..
and it poured out juice
i licked it up: Sugarcane

so i hacked it off with a machete
and brought some to the younger guy (the daddy went off to see Kona)
and we both talked
while peeling the bark
and chewing the sweet soft pulp

thimble berries

a beautiful day

today i planted a bunch of basil i bought at the market last sunday
and a rosemary bush

i dug out a special plot in my garden
i hope it takes..
it's not been raining here lately
and i'm beginning to worry: everything is so DRY!

the tree swing is set up as far as i know how to do it so far
i'm a little worried about how it swivels
but it's beautiful
-- now i'm just going to spend more time land-scaping around the area
(Normand wants me to reclaim the banana field down there too... and all that sugar cane...)

so i've come into Steed's house up in the Estates tonight to get some stuff on line
but i was over-flowed with messages to write and read
-- i got accepted into an art show in NYC
which i'm pretty excited about
this will be my first gallery showing ( a group show... more info later)

only got to post a few photos of myself to my flickr today

three weeks here
i'm glad to be here

but what do i do now?

i'm not feeling many desires
just kinda want to exist for a while
just work
and do my work

RFD stuff has to be done before this month's end
maybe an article for the bears
and that 50 words book

oh my oh my...



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