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mmm[nestled inside a journal post...], fathers and other lives...

Nestled inside a nice letter from my father to many of his friends and his family (excluding his wife, which of course doesn't have oppinions on such things)
was a letter from some other father to some other sons.
nestled inside of that, was a doctrine of war, and fear.
(about how we must unite for this war or muslims will take over the world, we are the last bastian of hope for democrazy and freedom)

my father asked us for our thoughts
so i typed out this:

Well, first
i enjoy that this man went through a scientific propsition of setting up a scenario
creating a question
and then offering an answer

his answer, of course, presumes things that i do not presume in my every day life.

the most pivitol place of difference may exist in his answer to question #2.

why were we attacked?
perhaps looking at the world like this has something to do with it:
"We would no longer be the premier country in the world."

if we think of the world, largely, as a place in which there are winners
and a hierarchy of the better
well, that creates competition
and in a realm of competition
there will always be fights
be it civilized
as in some sort of technology race
or a football game
or all-out bloody killing of eachother

do you think of the indigenous people of this land as being Lesser people?
the indigenous people of africa or south america?

are we Model 2.0? and just replacing the old, out-dated and useless model?

or are these valid forms of creation and expression and being?
are all animals and natural patterns of the planet meant to be exploited and destroyed or controlled?

is your goal to eradicate all that is different than you
or only allow "difference" to fit into your catalogue of "known" and "familiar" experiences?

perhaps the people of muslim culture (and the french!)
don't enjoy the fact
that the way american people think and live their lives
is being sold to the whole planet in an un-avoidable way
dictating that their children are being exposed to a culture based on abusing its nature and exploiting people to their greatest use
mixed with severe crisese of identity expressed in music and film and the culture surrounding those... as well as the media coverage of some of the strange things that happen in our culture as a result of our "freedom"

american culture is like a solvent
and shows every other culture, through the prolific spread of television and internet
-showing people that depend on tradition for a way of life-
that they can live other ways
and god won't hate them
god won't even care

it's full on "tree of knowledge", "garden of eden stuff"
and it kicks people out of something they've been doing for a long time
which is a way of focus... there are projects on this planet that take thousands and Millions of years to be fully expressed
though in the USA
most things get consumed and devoured and excreted as something to be forgotten (art, pop culture, architecture, social ideas...)
in a matter of a few years...

what we have in our country is amazing
the type of freedom we have
to be crazy or respectable in whatever ways we imagine
and have integrity enough to be carried out

but it completely debases very delicate and intricate cultures in a way we cannot perceive at large in America
because we don't know that kind of subtly
because it cannot exist here

if we didn't act so Arrogant about believing that we had the right to force this on everyone
and THEN the audacity that we then have Authority over places we have instilled with "greed" and "poverty" in places where that used to not even been an option or a distinction.
not to mention how we feel we are free to control forien governments for our own base commercial profits
treating entire cutlures like companies
and forgetting entirely about the importance of each person's humanity

this world has so many different things on it
and the difference brings out the beauty in ways that bring many weeping
and a depth of ecstasy that Many people never even get a taste of... having never known the vast extent to which existence can be expressed even under all of this planet's limitations

because this country is so a-spiritual
(religion is a terrible distance from real direct relationships with the infinity of our reality on a daily basis)
we forget how much we are loved and supported
we forget how we never have to be afraid and suffer so much
we forget how responsible we have to be for every action
and choice we make about how we live our lives.
we are too busy defending ourselves and trying to pretend we are things that we are not
we don't get to know, sometimes, what we really feel and what we really desire
we have no structure in which to recognize who we are compared to the great alien world we don't have a direct intimate relationship with...

but this is a human thing
and every culture does it differently

wouldn't it be a kind of progress to decide that was important enough to grow out of ?
imagine how amazing that would make our culture again...
how much it would fertilze this country of freedom
for future dreams of simple people that we can't even imagine yet..

can you believe, yet again
that you're the good-guy
and there is a bad guy out there?
or that even We are the good-guys
and there's a whole bunch of evil out there to corrupt our honkey-dory way of life?
we're all just trying to live.
we all want to do it our way

what i think of this letter to someone's sons
is how it makes me curious to what my own father would write to his sons to explain his relationship with his reality and what he wanted to offer to his sons, out of his love
in order to make their worlds a better place


and sent it back to him and all of his friends

does anything get through to those i want to hear things?

there are always ear-wigs.

[ha! funny: i just slightly edited this to make it more understandable, and a little more forgiving and compassionate ]

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