dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

You Don't Have to Be Here


should life ever get really un-enjoyable
you can remember
You Don't Have to Be Here

this may sound like new age shit
but if you sit down and clear your mind
(you can do that, right?)
and ask the emptiness
see what you hear

you are already an infinite enlightened being

you have a soul
sure you do, Johnny; Susie
sure you do
but more importantly
your soul is a drop from the ocean that is infinity
call it God or Allah or Chance or Science
whatever it is
it's bigger than anything imaginable
your ego's
like the embryo that grows in a yolk
surrounded by the albumen
nourished by something outside of your perception
all encompassing

to be used as the next greatest rooster
laying hen
or omelet

what i'm saying is
some things may appear really serious here
seriously un-enjoyable, i mean

you know the good things
be they candy and TV
or living naked in a jungle
but when things start to happen that you just wish weren't happening

a war
a plague

say you have cancer

what does that mean?

it means a good deal of drama
it means a good deal of attention

in this Realm of Reality
an entire netword of attenders has been set up for people who choose to take this route
and isn't that a shame?
no one would say They Chose This

you're never a victim
if you stare into the dark
the dark will stare back

you're the one making it all happen
or unaware

say you have cancer

if it's not
a Terrible thing happening to you
if it's not something you Need a Doctor
and Hospital
and Chemo and Radiation
if it's Not a Bald Head and splotchy skin
weak knees
vomiting every day

what is it?

it's self betrayal
say you forgot
say you forgot that you're making all this happening

that's be really hard

say you're a ventriloquist
and you've got a doll stuck on the end of your fist
think of how much work it would take for Mr Garrison to forget that Mr Hand is just a puppet

but we forget
from day after day after day
of people teaching us how to forget
us agreeing to forget
and coming up with custom-made blinders just for us

What if you've got cancer?
and you're in pain every day
and you Want to Be Here?

it's time to stop betraying yourself, isn't it?

how do you do that?

stare into the black
the black will stare back
back into your soul

of the myriad ways to fuck yourself over
only you know how to follow your truth.

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