dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

so, about this farm i'm living on...

enough about my monster mind
wouldn't you like to know about this farm that i'm on?


it's about 70 acres
only about 20 of it is "cultivated"

there are two guest yurts (i'm living in one, the other has a view of the ocean)
both have decks and drinking water

three cabins:
one is a guest cabin
with electricity and running water
abutting a guest bath room for all to use
with electricity; shower/tub, sink and toilet

the next one is the office
with computer; washer and dryer

the one behind that is where N&K currently live
a beautiful deck looking down at the ocean
running water, electricity, etc...

They're completely off the grid, though
there are eight solar panels and a large diesel generator
with a sine-wave converter (meaning it's the same type of electricity you'd get off the grid and won't damage any devices)

there are many paths cut through the forest
and the boys have to constantly mow everything to keep it from being swallowed up by the jungle

it would be fair to say it rains every day
though it usually rains throughout the night
and is pretty clear through the day
sometimes that reverses
and sometimes it just rains all the time
... though they told me they had two three-week droughts last year

they have to fetch drinking water from stations along the road, or in town
but they have large water catchment systems set up to use the copious rain water
for showering, washing dishes... the occasional watering of plants (though it's hardly necessary)

Normand and Kelly have lived here for about six years
i think they moved here from Colorado

Kelly worked in LA for many years (and still does, occasionally) doing Costuming
Normand was a Computer Programer
(they're both constantly appalled that i spend so much time with my computer and other "gadgets" because they only associate them with work... to me it's Art)

they've had many other guest workers here over the years
i think the longest anyone has ever stayed was 8 months or so
and i think that was Kelly's son (and some of his friends came and went...)

the farm was a farm already, before they bought it
though it was pretty un-cared for when they got here
as it was mostly taken over by squatters that were just drinking beer and subsisting
(they said they hauled out seven large black trash bags of beer cans when they were cleaning up)
eight junked cars in the yard, etc...

now it's beautiful
they've cut all sorts of paths in it
revitalized the fields
planted more

the harvest here is Bananas... and Noni.
there's not a lot of money in the farming, really
but it's enough
and it's Life
it's a life they enjoy

it's beautiful here.

the only other tenants
are the animals
three dogs
and four cats

two of the cats were inherited from each of their past lovers
Bulldozer (a six toed grey cat, talks all the time)
and Fitz (or "dead kitty walking", the black cat who wheezes all the time)

the two younger cats are Cheeto (the orange one, very personable)
and Winny (a big fluffy one, the only female... and very often not around)

two of the dogs were inherited with names
the black/white one is "

the large golden one is "Willi-Willi"-- the name of a tree around here
.. the previous owners also called him "Falcor" -- the name of the dragon-thing in the movie "The Never Ending Story" -- because his face looks just like his
-- that movie was my favourite as a kid... and i tend to mostly call him Falcor

the youngest dog is, again, the only female... and the only one they've named
she's called "Little One" or "L.O."
as in "Hello L! O!"
-- she chases the wild pigs around...

although we're the only ones who live here
there are guests periodically
sometimes it's packed
sometimes it's slow

when they have a worker here
they only have two places to rent out
the LoveShack
which is slightly more expensive
because it has a refrigerator, running water, TV and electricty

the Yurt is slightly cheaper
and is more private (meaning it's out of view from everyone else.. yet still has a beautiful view down the valley to the ocean)
but, of course, no electricity

there are often fresh fruits around to eat
fresh coconut
fresh bananas
fresh avocados
fresh noni (if you're into that sort of thing)
Thimble Berries Everywhere!
(a relative of Raspberries... not as sweet nor tart... but i've taken a liking to them)

some sugar cane..
and there is a fruit orchard
though most of the trees are too young yet to be producing
- they're mostly just trying to figure out what thrives here

i'm mostly here to build things
though i've been doing quite a bit of planting and weeding
tending... tending...
that's really good for me

i'm very glad to be here
and look forward to having friends come to visit!


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