dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Dream - liver slug horror

i was staying

with my parents

in some large industrial
ware house

on the edges of the slag heaps

there were many families in there
it looked and felt like a grade-school building

(not very nice to start with... but it seemed to go on in a pleasant mundane way forever...)

opened the freezer
and this thing that looked like a giant slug made out of liver
came out

it ate a child standing in the hall next to me

it slammed its way through the halls
devouring and destroying people
i tried to stop it

cutting it made it multiply

it sometimes dove into someone
taking them over
devouring them from the inside out

in terror
i went to flee

but how do i get out?

the only portal i could find was like a dilating door
opening like an iris
a foot and a half diameter window in the middle
with a latch
so i pulled that
but there was another behind it

in classic horror-movie style
there was window after window behind it

eventually i found how the whole structure affixed to the wall
and pulled it away
running outside

i collapsed on the dirty rocks
trying to get my breath
shivering, sobbing

all of the cheap metallic venetian blinds were dropped
what's going on inside?

all of my stuff is still in there
and my family

are they all dead now?

i saw a hand slam up against the window
crunching the blinds

- it was my mother

with such a desperate sign
i felt i couldn't just let them die

i grabbed my machete
and headed back in

all was silent
when i got back to our family's quarters
all was still

but there was my mother
my sister too

this small cramped quarters

they said they were OK

where's dad?

oh, he's here, he's fine
he's decided he's not going to leave

we've got to get out of here!

but i needed to rest first

i lay down on the bed
and remember writing on the walls with a chinese marker between my toes

my dad went to get some meat out of the freezer
and when he came back in
i felt it was inside of him

no one would heed my warning
i scrambled to collect my things
put my computer in its case
throw my bag over my shoulder

i urged my mother and sister to come with me
because i knew they could

my father would have never survived anyway

i got out in the hall
and there the fucking thing was
like a gigantic snail without it's shell
deepening layers of speckled red

i pushed past it
out the door
and into the air

i felt suspicous about everything

my tendency was to want to fly high
but i was staying low to avoid too much visibility

it was time to go to the great city again

(there is a huge, rambling broken down city somewhere that i've been going to in my dreams lately... like a great city fallen in to ruins... like São Paulo... but with more malls..)

so i flew through the darkening sky...


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