dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

second day


the second day
i don't know as much detail

but, specifically
i spent the day with Normand this time

in the morning
i went walking around the farm to see if i could find a Signal for my Phone

they said "Mobile Phones don't work here!"
but they also told me a story of a few people finding signals..

so i went hunting

dodging under the spider webs
up the trails

nothing up high
but heading from the upper yurt back towards the tool/generator shed
coming up from avoiding a web
i saw my phone had service

so i balanced in the middle of the road
on a little rock sticking out of the grass

two bars!

i checked my messages:

even though i have it listed on my massagem4m profile that i am in Hawaii and won't be traveling Soon
i got many calls from Clients
"are you in Chicago?" "can i get a session in manhattan tomorrow morning?"

yeah yeah yeah

and a call from my italian daddy friend in brooklyn
forgetting when i was leaving
asking for one more visit this weekend


sorry, papi, i'm far away now.

back down at the house
i cracked another coconut
ate some bananas

borrowed some white socks
and tied on my shoes

Normand and i went down to the banana fields to clear out some fallen "weed trees"

an intense way to jump into Work
he sawed them with a chain saw
i hauled them over to the berm..

to try and block the paths that the Pigs take into their property


once upon a time
everyone from everywhere brought things to hawaii

everything grows here

and, like always, things get forgotten

there are rats here (from europe)
mongoose were brought here to kill them
now they run rampant too

they've kept the snakes out
but coqui frogs from puerto rico are Everywhere
and some korean wasp is killing all the Willi Willi trees

but i digress:
meat hogs
not wild boars
(so i've been told: i've not seen them)
were set free
and now roam in packs

the dogs go chasing after them..

the youngest, Little One, got gored on a tusk just a few months ago
in through her breast
out through her eye


amongst the weed trees
the bananas
large fields of big juicy leafy palms..

along the sides
thimble berries everywhere
-- i'd never had these before... the leaves are much thinner.. the berries look like raspberries... but have hardly any flavor
or maybe i'm just too new here?
in days to follow, i began to taste them..

in the berm
there grow many "Strawberry Guava" trees
looks like large rose-hipps
kinda tastes like it
i was jumping up and grabbing them down

i asked Normand if i could try the chainsaw: i'd never used one before

got a bit of schooling
now i'll know for the future...

we drove around
he showed me a few more areas on the farm...

and we talked a lot

as much as i'd talked with Kelly the day before

getting a glimpse into the psyche of each of them

getting an understanding of what They're doing here...
how their lives lead them here

how i can contribute to their relationship and life here

once again
i felt glad about being here

but exhausted

i told them i needed a nap
i went to the yurt before dark
and slept the night through.


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