dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Venus Night

i went to see my friend John
-- he's (one of) my sexy Italian Daddy friend.

he's one of the people i like seeing Every time i Visit NYC

he in his 60s (somewhere)
and when we speak on the phone
he says "it's been days since i've been nibbled..."

he really likes getting stoned
though he's a lawyer, and all that

this time
i'm not really in the mood to get blown (420 wise)
so i just take his blowbacks

even that little amount gets me buzzy

the clothes lie crumpled around the room
(i was only half-in the door when we started kissing: it's been months)

he wants to go slow, right
so after i've spent some time balanced on one hand
in a half-table pose
sucking his cock
he ushers me back to the bedroom

on the made-bed
there is only one object:
a thick shoestring

what for?

he has very large balls that don't really Hang
so i tie the string around his cock and balls
making them a pretty package

-- after he creates a throne of pillows for him to nest in
he tells me to let him Feed me

he's the only man i've felt this so palpably with
and the only one who seems to be aware, in fact, desirous of me Eating his energy


i am lying on my belly
and slide his cock into my mouth
in fact
invaginate it
– i saw that word in the dictionary before i left TN
-- i didn't know that "Vagina" comes from the word "Sheath"


and his cock in my mouth isn't really about Sucking
it's not about fancy throat or tongue work
it's about ...

it's about Breathing

it's about putting my lips against his pelvis
and breathing all of my air out
then breathing in the Daddy Energy
whatever it is
i can feel it like a syrup
a thick light

there is fluid coming from his heart
his head
his belly
his cock and balls, of course

all through is body
and the more i'm aware of it
the more it flows

the more it flows
the more it moans

even if my mouth is completely still

of course
i keep getting him close to cumming
and he doesn't want that yet
so we grasp eachother
some kissing
some thrusting
but then it's back to his cock in my mouth
and he falls over, kinda
and he's laying on his side
and i on mine
between his legs

my feet are over the side of the bed
and i've opened the top of his head
and am sucking infinite energy through his body
to nourish that which is depleting from him

(what is he feeding me? is this good for me? it feels nourishing... it feels good...)
and diluting whatever is pouring into me..

it's pouring through all of his chakras
into my throat
into my heart
into my belly
i have my hands on his body
occasionally touching my cock
but, no..
it's flowing through my legs
out through my feet

there is a water-fall
it's kinda brown
kinda blue
it's pouring down into the black abyss below us
(never leave home without it)

my mouth isn't moving at all, at this point
we're writhing

and i decide to fold myself in half-- i want to touch more of him
i bring my legs up towards his shoulders
in effort to press my belly against his back

but before i get a chance
he starts cumming

it's too much, the imbalance
the signals that antennae are picking up
he's moaning
kinda screaming
so i grab my cock and start pumping
to meet him

all of that syrup is now opening up and gushing
and his whole body is shaking

i feel hot spurts landing on my arm, chest, belly...

i bring in more energy to re-fill us
we lay like that for quite a while

before we decide to go get some dinner

Food, that is
polish food
Beef Goulash with Kasha

and Beets..

he's totally wiped out
and has a huge grin on his face
utterly ecstatic
and satisfied

Tags: sex jp daddy

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