dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Enliven your Corporeal Experience: Hair.

Your body has been De-Mystified for you

for those of you who are Dis-Satisfied by this perdicament
i will help you become fascinated with your corporeal experience again

of course, you must do most of the work yourself
but i will give some examples:

Your Hair is alive.
Yes, to many of you this is "common sense"
to many of you, this seems utterly un-important

but develope a relationship with your hair...

very unlike your skin
what is it there for?

some of you have more
some less..

think of your hair like a friend
like your shadow

dispite what you do
it will always be there (to some degree or another)

Why is it there?

Think of your hair, perhaps, as a friend
like your dog

but instead of being a limited avatar for your root-chakra
this friend is embedded in your skin
(your skin that holds you in, and makes you Sacred from the rest of Reality)

your hair does entertaining things for you, as well as practical necessities

each hair is an anntenae:
it is the narrowing of your physical nature out into the eathers
it is like your fingers into your aura
- putting your consciousness into your hair allows you to have physical contact
with that which is un-physical

your hair can receive thoughts from other people
as well as project them

your hair can help you see in the dark
by compaciting minute energy

your hair can help you talk to ghosts
or navigate the spirit realms.

the Rastas say that Ja pull you up to heaven by your hair
the Amish say "Hair is a Woman's Glory"

Look at a Bear
no, the fat-belly kind of man
look at his shoulders
-- the hair
look at his belly: the hair

The bear wants sensuality.

the bear eats things.
The bear Eats Emotions and Experiences
the hair helps the bear find these things
feel these things
and digest them

each hair is a tentacle
an organ

it transverses space

when you are hot
it Wicks away the sweat from your skin
dancing it out into space to be evaporated
to cool you off

such as
when you are in a rainforest
it gathers the moisture To you

such as
when you are in a city
it pulls pollution out of the air
carries it up the shaft

let the hair of your bellies touch
or, if you're equipt to do so, the bush of her yoni entwined with the bush of your lingam
feel the 10,000 handshakes
10,000 hugs
10,000 making-loves

the beard, wild
the hair, wild
off the shoulders, even
off the back

walk naked
and let your hair help you experience life
it is
after all

your friend.

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