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Vertical Prose

February 12th, 2007

LJ Book @ 12:19 pm

Today i used


Turns your journal into a PDF Book.

LJBook (gads_ljbook)

it works well
as an archive
or way to share your stuff

-- and don't forget to kick the guy some cash
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Date:February 12th, 2007 09:55 pm (UTC)

This is an amazing piece of coding, but I wish it had a few more bells and whistles, and would be willing to pay for it.

I'd like the option for each entry to start on a new page -- I realize the sole default format is better for people who make lots of small posts.

I'd like to be able to selectively "remove" pages from the pdf file (and any publication/printing). 'To' and 'From' specs wouldn't work since the closest they allow you to specify is by entire month. For instance, I'd love to be able just to print my "Lost in Japan" series as a book, without the other posts in between them. Perhaps if you have a purchased copy of Adobe Acrobat which allows you to publish (not just read) pdf files, you'd be able to delete pages, but that still doesn't work since posts can start and stop in the middle of pages.

I'd just as soon not have the post numbering and heading system ("1.1.1, etc.), and wasn't sure if there was a way to turn that off.

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Date:February 15th, 2007 02:24 am (UTC)

Ask and ye shall...

so, Fabrice sent me an email thanking for using the service again (and donating) and asked if i had any requests:
i forwared him this post form you
and this was his reply:


As you requested, I have just added a new *untested* option "New page
(entry)" which should start each new entry on a new page. Just check it
out and let me know.
Moreover, I added another option which removes numbering, again

I hope it suits your friends needs. (I will ensure it works properly
Concerning the other points in your email, it's not possible to make it
with the underlying engine I developed, but I will think about it.

Best Regards,


PS: Removing pages can be done with Adobe Acrobat (you could remove page
number too).
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Date:February 12th, 2007 10:26 pm (UTC)
Pretty cool. Thanks.

Vertical Prose