dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

love in the sunset

it's probably just the near-full moon
but i've not been sleeping much

you've been seeing when i've been posting

but i woke up this morning about 10
i struggled to hold onto the dream
but Leo kept asking me questions

he went off to work
and i did some yoga

a good thing about not getting enough sleep consistently
is i can feel my body start to ache
when i feel my body start to ache
i do more yoga
when i do more yoga
everything comes together more.

but it wasn't long sitting at my computer
checking ebay options
(oh my, i've bought a Nintendo DS and one game already! -- i'm getting back into video game world... and, so odd.. i've ignored video games for nearly 13 years... and my favourite game was also ignored just as long...
and just as i am getting back into it... they start making new games in that series... how odd... the world does all it can to re-instate my solipsism )

when i get a call
from some guy who called himself "SpermDaddy" on silverdaddies

i'd talked with him yesterday about cruising parks
and he said he'd take me to one today.

so he'll be over in 15 minutes
i get myself ready
and off we go

we pick up his partner
and drive down to a salt-marsh type park
lots of raspberry foliage
twiggy trees covered in lichen

tide is out

there's six cars parked in the lot...
a very hot bandanna'd guy walks by me on our way in

we smoke a bowl (i only have one hit: humboldt weed can be a killer)
and i start melting into the marsh/forest

we pass a little latin guy

spermdaddy asks me if i like him
Eh... so so..

but i'm loving the slough, the light!
the mud flats and trees...

walking up the waterside
his partner tells me the latin guy has a huge thick dick
and then we see him again
and all of us offer to suck his cock

he's a bit overwhelmed
but does not look a gift-horse in the mouth

we go back into the brush
and he takes his cock out

but not Huge

the fluffer starts his work
and i begin undoing my buttons
(i'm wearing my duofold long johns with blue coveralls)

the dick is being bohgarted
so i start licking the belly
the hips

i'm stoned
i'm really into this
and the guy is moaning
-- will he be a quick cummer?

i get given the dick
and put it down my throat
i lick the sides of it
enclosing it in undulating wet flesh

and feel it pulse

it's slow going
but i'm feeling a connection open in him

but my clothes are too fucking restricting

the fluffer takes the dick back
and i take off the top half of my outfit

jacket on the ground
overalls and long johns around my legs

i get back to licking his belly
work my way down to his balls
while S.Daddy gets to suck his cock
i'm licking along the perineum
he's fucking loving it
i'm fucking loving it
i swallow his shaft again
and start massaging him with my hands
NOW he is huge
the base is like a ceiling brace!
i love that
one huge thick line running along the bottom of the cock
not everyone has this...

i stand up
to get a better angle
and S.Daddy starts eating my ass
he's not at it for long before he gets his cock against my hole
and i'm not an easy bottom
but i don't feel like telling him to fuck off
he's in his 60's... and he knows what he's doing

i've got a cock in my ass, one in my mouth
and i'm half naked in a forest

i'm high!
i am gone!

i'm licking him all over his body
s.daddy has his hand on my belly and my side
pulling me
steering me
riding me

i get the cock in my mouth again
and he's really getting ready
so i do my best to open the BACK of my throat
and get his cock all the way down there

i start shooting
but i'm there
i'm there with him
i'm in him
i can feel him in me
my feet are going through the floor of the forest
my body is bigger than myself

a big wet burst wets my mouth
and he pulls out:
a pearl on the head

he starts to pull up his pants
(cruising park sex)
but i take his cock back in my mouth
envelope it in energy
and he's moaning and melting
s.daddy is riding the waves

we work that for a while

then it's over


i give my camera to S.daddy
the latin leaves
and we start taking some pictures of the nature
and me
and them

then i'm all high
walking around
photographing everything

this is the kind of sex that is like the Muse
that is Inspiring instead of draining

we're laughing
and i'm totally absorbed in image

i climb a tree and photograph things

old barn
old train tracks

the dog

a kid i know from the naraya
a kid i know from the faeries

s.daddy has to get home
(he's married, after all)

but says he might take me to the bridge tonight
(this park is the day sex, the bridge is the night spot)

and tomorrow: to the gay nude beach!

what a lucky me.

the whole day's energy seem different
when i got home
i noticed that i was back in nurturing mode
wanting to do what i could to make things nice for Leo
instead of press him and test him

to keep him from cooking
but to also keep him from complaining about my style of food

i order some Thai food
and it gets there shortly after he gets home

-- i feel really good
i give Leo water
and he's up to bed.

in the last few days i've accomplished many things i've been procrastinating on for WEEKS

two really good places have come up as far as places to live

one in NYC
on staten island
close to the ferry
and overlooking they bay!

one outside of portland in the forest
a commune place i could have my own house
if i build it
(but a place to live until then)


Tags: balancing, cruising park, sex

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