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Vertical Prose

January 29th, 2007

The Day Off.. @ 02:33 am

not that i'm very good at being focused
but i have written a good deal
and put up a few pictures

i've been
doing my "work"

i'd like to just settle in and stay here

i have to be careful not to land in a place not good for me
-- i'm so hungry for home.


i've had the feeling i have SO MUCH TO DO

today is sunday

Jan and i went to see Volver
which really twisted my head
and pinched my heart

it felt like a very dear movie to me
silmilar, but more so, than "Bear Cub"
-- also along the same veins as that book my mother gave me for christmas
but more my resonance.

when we got back to the house
i convinced Leo to go for a walk with us

neither of them knew where any public redwoods were around here
(there're fucking everywhere.. i guess it's just not their interest)

so i looked on the city map:
there's a zoo/squoia park not too far from here

so we went down there

saw the flamingos

saw the sleeping bear
and a few strange monkeys...

then we found the open park
and walked through the woods:

this is obviously a cruising park
-- tissues everywhere

but now it was devoid of people
we just walked through the misty air
setting sun lending us a dramatic affect

we came home to listen to Leo's radio show
-- he's been talking about food, eating, cultures of cooking and recipies
i think this is his fifth show..

while we listened
we drank Manhattans
ate goat cheese and pickled herring

and i played "the Secret of Mana" on my computer

--- i've just figured out how to play old Super Nintendo games on my laptop
and this is one i was addicted to for months

... when i was about 12

i THINK this was the last video game i was really into

-- a group of kids saving the world
through a jumble of different myths
that sort of thing

i'm loving it again

and so
i'm up til 2am.

Leo's dinner was fantastic
red-wine marinated leg of lamb
and rainbow chard

rich rich rich

he wasn't feeling well
so went to sleep at 9pm

i only slept about four hours last night
so i have to get to sleep now too!

i'll have the house to myself again tomorrow

maybe then i'll get busy.

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Vertical Prose