July 5th, 2012



woke at noon
I couldn't feel the inebreants last night
...in the business of not feeling too much
with all my ebbing and flowing
and ebbing
but some blossoms are hard won
I'll have to stick to that

I got to wrestle
and it was good
though my neck was out all day
I'm not sure if that was from sleeping or what-after

but spending the "morning" in bed talking with friends is a delicious way to start the day
even if we did gossip

but hanging over the edge of last night's card playing old school debauchery
certainly made the day sticky and slow
we made it to the village
then hanging at another friend's
where he took the time to really hear my story
and like my friends the night before
made to that I heard
they knew me better
and did not agree with the judgements cast upon me

we can only imagine its part of the struggle
or a painful blessing in disguise

all that

we ate burgers, America
we had ice cream
weren't to the roof of the Ansonia
and watched the fireworks way over there
way over there

we were tired
and we sat and talked a while longer
with the cat
before they left
left again
and I wound myself down into sleep

what did I dream of again. . . ?