July 4th, 2012



I woke from difficult dreams
after writing them
two messages cut me adrift
one casting a heap of hope and sorrow into Azazel
the second sealing my heart yet again with good reason
I keep finding good reason
my heart has felt so closed
struggle struggle struggle
should be the easiest thing
would you go walking around with your eyes closed?

I remember that a big benefit of doing bodywork is helping people that I can help
and helping people is a good meditation
and bodywork, in various facets, I am good with
yeah. . . I could teach more of this
and probably enjoy it

I took time after that to complete the project I had schedule for myself
client added bonus
goal half done; but main concern met

listening to music from my teenage years

that's nice

angry and thrashy
and all the rest

head to see friends
friends friends friends

yeah, I should do a song to that rumi poem "don't come near me"

but glad I came to them

successful hanging out


und jetzt?