July 3rd, 2012




someone's crazy dream of a hotel
a city
sold out to his rampant passions
to the war effort
to our basest desires

and swallow in the park
to see an old friend
who happened to have an old friend over
that's nice

putting it out on the table
yeah yeah
get lost in kisses
and then some

brisket, salad, food food food
and warcraft monsters in our own image

we watched the moon rise over the city
imagine that
the sky
right here in manhattan!
I've always lived amid the buildings and people
I understand now why the towers keep getting higher
to get above it all
away from it all
up here
where the air is fresher
and you can still visit the throngs below. . .

what a beautiful night

a virile Irishman raged against old age
. . . such virility
I'm not sure what it's good for
but we are all of our own mindset

I walked through the park on my own now
do I know these paths?

met some kid with long grizzled hair and big beard
lithe, tight, taut body
bearing crosses
so happy to see
I can love that
but not lust it
I sat by the lady's pavillion
perfect place to see the moon in the water

moon in the water
the water did not wait to cast its reflection

but I wasn't sure where to go from there

or some a semblance of. . .
I sat and tried to type
but it was not in me

I slept
slept and drempt everything might feed my heart with love