June 30th, 2012



I got to appear as if in magic
into the scene of a disaster
I did my best to respect and disperse it
oh, I am not something stable

in talking about love
my idea of love
I had some silly rushing around
which made me feel
nothing I could possibly say would ever be important
this is all silly and trivial
and he's tired of hearing me talk
or tired in his own life
but I came to the conclusion
I thought I was an idiot
or unjust in my judgements
that's what the shame is about
I'm in the wrong either way

but I have some optimism
ya never know when magic might happen. . .

the night went on long
not being carried into the magic of Brave
and trying to complete some projects
in a social kind of way
I'm up til 5 again
but I booked some flights
not all of them
but some
and hotel rooms , even
who knows what could happen