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Vertical Prose

34.9 @ 03:41 am

what good are our hands on existential matters
- for the man who's brain is everything
against a man who works with his hands

I don't know either of us

but he loves
and wants

we cannot fix other people's lives
even those we love

but we can help by loving

there can be all manners of space and time in the equation of love
though I wouldn't say they don't affect it
they certainly aren't a barrier

Actions seem to be a measure
but the currency of love is closer to presence

even through fogs of depression
or waves of introverted isolation
it is a blessing to remember moments of love
memories of being in the motions of love

being with another being
dropping guard and being divine with them
saving them with proximity of unity
or glorifying them in celebration of existence

in all this

but I appreciate it

though not always present to it
I notice the dancing of living with you
I wish I were more of a weaver

I keep reaching
stretching my fingers towards
opening my mouth
licking my lips
inhaling, as if to. . .

I will
I will
ik wil. . .


Vertical Prose