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Vertical Prose

Egon's Hair @ 01:35 pm

for the last week and a half I hated my hair and couldn't bear to look at it...
but smearing all sorts of stuff in it for a week and only washing it with water has finally made me enjoy the look of it again

when I was younger I always wanted to look like Egon Scheile
taut, angular, waifish, viscious, lined and full of contrast
oh, but he died of the flu when the weight of Saturn tested him
I've been trying to take on more weight...
but I'm still quite thin (though heavier than I've ever been)
and I can't help but enjoy this manic hair...



will be done @ 11:29 pm

will be done

a pair of trousers
hems cut on a diagonal
inside or outside?
lace billowing down
inside or outside?

writing two hours a day

shaving once a week

writing two hours
twice a day

doing the work

exuberantly telling the story
suffering through it
year after year
day after day
the story you want to be told

seeing the wise
those who act
their satisfaction and excitement

in prayers of gratitude
"I am This"



Vertical Prose