November 20th, 2011


I had a friend once

I had this friend
I made some understandings about him
they related to this and that
and I knew him like someone else
and I knew him for time
so I knew him from experiences
so I knew him some ways
and some of those ways he didn't agree with
certainly didn't want to agree with
and told me so
told me "those beliefs you hold about me: they aren't helping me"
and I knew that
but it's where my faith lay

we were friends
and there was turbulence
and we were shaking
and on he went
I was elsewheres

I asked him what he wanted
what he said he knew he wanted

and he was absent
he was elsewheres

and I thought of him
as he'd want to be known
as I'd like to know him
but obviously don't

in my mind
in my solitude
thinking of him
I told him

You will have to Teach me how you want to be Known
and as I get it wrong
continually get it wrong
you will have to teach me
better teach me
be better teacher
between idea and fact
between thought and act
set a better example of what you want to be
so I might know you as you are
as you really are
as you've made yourself to be
in front of me

teach me how to know you
as you want to be
be as you are
when you are what you want to be

what do you want?
what do you want to be?