October 28th, 2011


the west

I think the flight is an hour and twenty three minutes late

I read Leo's memoir
slept a bit
listened to The Deathly Hallows
and a baby crying

watching the glowing American cities in the darkness of the great American night
and looking at the Live Map
I had a small yearning to be Out West again
New Mexico

the desert
I hear it...

and here I am
in San Francisco

only a moment

I'm getting a car
spending the night in Berkeley
(might I get my mind split open in the morning?)
(he said he's putting me in "the Harry Potter room, under the stairs")

time catches everything up
maybe it's telling that tale

"I lived in that apartment for seven years"

time for transformation

what is "aveda"?
what is "axio"?

I'm bleary
what next?
maybe a stop at the hole...
I'll have to see how the Car feels




being loved, loving

the world continues to show such love and compassion and I feel gratitude for it

yet I worry about issuing un-ending forgiveness because of people I feel to exploit that as a weakness because they can just get away with it
remaining ignorant to their abuse

how to teach lessons?
to love when sometimes withholding...
is withholding love?

the world gives
and gives and gives

and gives us endless opportunities to love