October 20th, 2011


little pride of little tasks

it's 7am
people are waking up
the sun is rising

I'm going to sleep

I have a client a noon
and a full day ahead

but I got home round midnight
and started trying to figure out how to fix my disappeared "Notes" problem
in the down time
while my iPhone 4 was being restored into all of the different incarnations of all the iPhones I've had
I cleaned and restructured part of my kitchen
--- I've often been thinking about how to make it work better
and tonight I just started...

pulled between the two I accomplished a lot
for these little mundane things
but I keep feeling like its good for me to feel proud about these things

though I have accomplished a lot in my life in some ways
others I am a bit behind

like domesticity

eventually I'll be able to integrate other basics...
like sleep.