August 14th, 2011


dream (not really) Aug 14, 11:43

dream Aug 14, 11:43

somewhere in Europe
an old portable bridge
now in the middle of town
on the ground
as some public art space
it's wood; the buildings around are white

I could not find a thread back into this morning's dream.
as I woke o felt it slipping away but was too groggy to grab it. like yesterday.
I was enjoying my dream chasing. I seem to have lost it

in my attempts to find my dream
I found a memory lodged in mind:

there was some guy in the post office yesterday (Friday morning)
shuffled around
excessively bent back so that he was looking at the ground
stiff limbs so that he moved in an exaggerated jerky motion
- I imagined offering him a massage... simply as an "agent of the city" and the obvious fact that he could use one so badly -- It flashed through my mind that I should be giving 18 hours of free massage every month... that felt daunting; my mind moved on but I did not turn my attention from him.
he looked in his p.o. box
then started talking very loud to the employees behind the glass
"where's my mail? I came for my mail, give me my mail"
strange accent
sounded crazy/deranged immediately
dirty crumpled clothes
when they made it clear there was no mail for him
he spoke quickly as if in logic
"give me five dollars for a car home"
in a half questioning tone, demanding/entreating
as if he deserved it for coming here for no reason
(once upon a time English was not his language)
they turned him down
without pause he swung his body on his stiff legs in a jagged pivot and "faced" the person behind him in line and appealed exactly the same to them
he was so bent over he was looking at the ground
but he directed his energy at about four different people in this way
almost not even waiting for response
just saying it and staggering towards leaving
entirely accustomed to rejection
like the "homeless" or any begging crazy.

I fled ahead of him, offering him nothing.