August 13th, 2011


dream (not really). aug 13. 1pm. ugh.

i dunno
i spiraled into a "need to get this done"
and got what i needed done
-- making a big print of a picture of the view from Leo's deck
i stayed up til nearly 5
when my two friends woke up and left shortly after i finally fell asleep
we had been looking at pictures all day making edits
my eyes were burning

they still kinda are

what were my dreams?
i woke up un-rested at 9:30 or something
and though i tired to get back to sleep
that was not to be

i think my dreams were all about art
having made art
trying to hang it
trying to find the right placement
juxtaposing it against
the wall paper and angles of the room

i don't remember the feelings
maybe frustration or disappointment

there were exteriors as well

but i couldn't bring myself to write about it when i woke
because i didn't want to be awake yet

i woke on the wrong side of the bed, i guess
and lost that silver thread...

that's today

off to
get magnetized or something
celebrate love and companionship


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