August 11th, 2011


dream Aug 11 , 7:11, ETG

dream Aug 11 , 7:11

i woke up at 6
and was un satisfied
I had to pee
felt cold
unimpressed with any dream fragments
I got out of bed

of course
intending to sleep again often gets me nowhere
I turned around and around and eventually found some sleep again
and dreams of a mostly literary sort:

I was traveling
I think for school
maybe it was a small town in Oregon
it was mostly derelict
the sun was bright
cement and brick
I was walking past the deserted store fronts
on the empty streets
I came to a section not meant for cars
stepped over the curb onto green pavement
narrow alleyways
walking through that still yielded little attraction
perhaps there was a voice in my ear
I walked through and out
ramshackle huts
where the mechanics lived
everything in burnt oranges in yellows now
dry grasses, fields
I clambered up the hill & cliff onto the ridge
where there was a clear view of Mt Hood
or was that Shasta?
below the residents were mucking about in what was left of their lives
I tried to respect them by not looking at them
and did not take pictures
I felt uncomfortable
but looked at the mountain again
almost lavender
it looked like bone