August 10th, 2011


dream aug 10 8am, ETG

dream aug 10 8am
a traveling dream
or supposed to be
turned into a horror show

the airport was huge
a horrible mall
a bit like a school campus
I was trying to fly home to NYC
decided I'd go through Indiana first
but it was twice as expensive for just the one leg, put me off

there were people there we all knew
old friends
dear friends
we were all returning

we weren't talking about mercury retrograde
but something like that
all the flights were cancelled or changed
we had so much time to wait
but that wasn't the trouble
of the four of us
Jorge, Daniel, myself and Eli (I think.. not sure, he was supposed to be an intimate friend but he was played by the actor Bobby Carnavale... and we were all meant to be about ten or more years younger... though we flickered into our current ages occasionally)

the real trouble was
we'd been
in a jungle
and trying to escape a terrible beast
like the Predator
but like the Thing
it had slipped inside of Eli/Bobby's body
and you two didn't know
I found out
but never had time alone to tell you
oh, some times Arun (once was Zygoat) was with us
we had some magic
but this beast was incredibly dangerous
it was trying to play it cool
hiding out in our friend's body so it could get back to NYC and decimate the city
I had found a blackberry
which I may have converted into a bomb I was going to try and plant on the creature
but the timing was difficult
more problematic was you two didn't know he had been posessed and I couldn't seem to get you alone to tell you
most of the dream was traversing through the maze of the airport/mall/campus
in and out of doors, alleyways, bathrooms

it had just occurred to me to send you text messages
hoping you'd get them discretely and get away from him

but just at that point I felt cold and tense and woke up
and though i was awake earlier than i wished to be
I wanted out of that dream
so rolled over to grab the phone...