July 8th, 2011


healing "thief"

another click of obvious essence

downloading an album or movie
taking it
just coz you want to
and you can
there are people who have made it very easy
people who took it
or bought it
either way: sharing

but just taking and not replenishing a source is parasitic
even giving back a little makes a big difference
the sheer number of consumers is in similar ratio to acidophilus in the guts
of the corporate bodies of creative entities

I'm still taking more than I give back
but I've made a shift into giving more to that system
as I am practicing to join its ranks

and my style has mostly just been Being
but I am training myself more to work in consort and commerce
through the great chain of the human organism
to devour the earth and sky
out little finger taking it apart
rock by rock
atom by atom

this alien creature we are inhabited by
uses the animals of this earth to inhabit
in some cultures this is more understood
these bodies called "Avatars"- vehicles

like we pilot our cars & combines
even our computers
to reflect back to our more alien nature

evolution is a willed creative design from another realm
not even the physical universe
which our alien mind came to this dimension to enjoy

of course
any talk of any other realm than this is often frowned upon in serious discussion
yet yearned for in yarns and myths

I'm beginning to understand the art of acting incorporates detailed knowledge of the physics of this realm as well as our other (well, I am certainly not saying this un presumption of only one other realm)
to be able to move the body dexterously
project the voice
as well as the emotions
the mind
the feeling of the physical movement
out into the space around you
inundating all other beings, even the walls, with what imaginary moment in time you are skillfully manifesting here
to share
to share