July 6th, 2011



imagine an Editor
we'd take long walks
through my rambling writing
sHe'd understand me
but also the world's psyche
and be able to sift out all of my writings that people can connect with
sculpting my stream of drool into something universally beautiful
oh, imagine an editor...

imagine anything!
specific, specific
"anything is the enemy of Art"
my ideas of future
my ideas of Lover
guru, home, loving, money
balance! family! AH!


I'm amazed at all of the details I remember
my writing
from seven years ago
reading it
I was scribbling on the page inane details that I must somehow work in
how could I have left them out?

how could I ever tell all the story?

the idea came to me again
the idea I first had many years ago
the book has to be a multimedia book
only now is it readily possible
all of these various ebook readers
allowing text, hyperlinking, video&music (or audio)

I still like the idea of writing a fresh face
something with cohesion and narrative
(which my journalling lacks)
and have every story and character hyperlinked and indexed...
for years I've wanted to write character files of all the people I know

I have so many ideas!
if only I weren't so busy living life!
(even when I'm not I cannot focus...)

oh but...
friends... family... community...
I'm trying to reach you
these ego's walls are though thick...

someone crazy is screaming outside my window
and I am passing out

I must let myself sleep