July 3rd, 2011



I love watching the sun set
even though I know it's just the earth rolling along
turning away from the light
all movement relative
we're the ones doing the action
the sun is Being
all else in relationship to it

sometimes I want to see through the sun
say "I'm no longer impressed with his spectacle"
the hollow sky

sometimes I love the guru
knowing someone has done something in an aspect of reality I only dream about
- they say that's better than most
I dream about it
I have s concept of it
how many do?-
believing, feeling
them walking behind the walls
stepping through the curtains
her eyes so bright
the light from the sun
the sun through the heart
the heart of the eternity

sometimes I want to dance in joy and appreciate all the all
the suffering
and shit

I want the veil to drop
all of our bodies fluttering away
putting away The Mirror
turning out the light
jumping out the window
flying into the night
swallowed in the infinite
reborn as an egg

or could I only go to zygoat
or would I have to go to nil



sometimes I want the whole show to be over
but I'm too exhausted from the spectacle right now to be bothered
easier to annihilate in sleep
in sleep
and be grateful in the morning to find all the gears still turning
walking unhesitantly into the day
wondering what beautiful scraps I can weave into the tapestry