July 2nd, 2011



errrrrrr, Gotcha.

little love affairs
condemned as I am to life
obsessed with bulge
but moved by kisses
and textiles

the lights were beautiful tonight
the sky put on its show
he was quiet

dictates Action
deliberation required for the foto projects
the arrangements of words are tied up with too much life complexity

let the right one slip in
and open doors

gigantic men
in code-name "23"
or painters with oaffish voices
who let me rub his belly
to read my cards

all went well tonight
ah, something actual I remember
almost out of time

busy with someone else
then distracted by the body
neglecting caring for my ownself
back lash of nourishing
crab-crab day
email from the Wild
a short path into unbridled lust
and was too late
and missed my practice

but got the food for the entertaining party
though the threatened famous people did not arrive
the family selection was much more pleasant
- another birthday party

the gifts are us

my anxiety about lateness is infuriating
I must tackle such little obstacles
why waste opportunities?

obliterated by tiredness