June 30th, 2011



saw some angels today

girl on my platform belting out "Ma vie en rose"

and health care professions who are my friends


and pictures I took of a friend yesterday

emails I sent out last night and received a reply to this morning

kids I always thought were crazy
who are crazy
but impassioned

and me
and a friend
and a crazy fucking radical asshole
(who got his play restaged! FUCK! last night's play filled me with inspiration and understanding... tonight's play just made me want to fucking give up the ghost)

a friend
and a homeless guy
who looked me in the eyes
and told me I was the director
the guide

a friend
and me

I'm free
free to choose

but I'm loved
and you want me here
and when I do finally have to leave
I'm going to come back
because I am loved
and you want me here