June 29th, 2011



more important things to remember:

everyone is living in a different reality
in order to interact we have to know our own and build understandings (or operate on assumptions/archetypes) of the people we live around
but how exciting and difficult!
to test limits of being and feel the ping of their reply!

dangerous and sad
so rare do we get to have a real dynamic connection with people where we can flux and change with them

better to experience them
when they're Sure

I'm getting at Respect:
no matter how "crazy" or "wrong" someone's world is
to be able to see it and understand it and feel it...
being a part of it or grazing over it
it's a gift

that's why we like Theater and Film
to watch people being pierced by other people
beautiful, dramatic, dangerous
wanting from eachother
asking in their humble confused ways
only clear because we're outside looking in...

to be Outside...
to Be In