June 25th, 2011



in this picture
doesn't one eye look fierce; the other frightened?

lost in the dark tonight in Nostalgia World
bibles everywhere
taxidermied everything

it occurred to me a moment that I Really Should read the bible
it's really important to so many people in this culture... and has been for hundreds of years

but then I thought two branches:
. SOME people. other people, my people, it's just NOT important.
.. I no longer believe either living in the past nor looking to the past is the best way to understand Life. I understand the pitfalls of not being aware of past mistakes... but after spending sex months listening to an old man talk about how Everything Used To Be Better... how many years have I heard people saying that shit?
can't I know everything through the present?
do I really need The Wisdom Of The Ancients?
well, though/outside of time, yes: I love that wisdom... but as it can be used now. not if/then.

perhaps this is keeping with my current goal of embracing life with trust and lust

All is accessible in the Here & Now

Now is the best time
Now is the threshold where all can be found & known