June 23rd, 2011



weary, love
let me down

"I must kick you out, which I hate to do"

lie to me
tell me your exploits
dangle before me
your One True Love

oh True Love

falling in the dark
stories of love
memories of illusions
a free ticket to the show
if misunderstandings
you did not hear me
I am confused

we smoke together
I'm certain I don't want another
but when I'm with you
my desire surpasses yours
I fear the loss of my beauty
like and vain hollow bone
I am condemned to stay on here
til all of the flesh is picked clear of me

I will reach out
master arts of Taking
convincing gifts
unneccetating theft
reach out
and clothe myself in the lives of other
their ample fat my wizened feast
breath imprisoned

a puppet
a bird
filled more with air than water
of fire more than earth
to keep ahead of the globe's turning
ravenous and desperate to outlive the world
close the curtains myself
switch off (or on?) the lights
but like the rest of my mortal siblings
death with take me in disappointment
and knowing my fate
I will be cast too quickly back among the living
no rest for me
twelve fingers in twenty-four pies

siding with The Other
is never True
one day
will complete love
it really is the only option