June 19th, 2011



there's very little I can do

I am aware of myself
and of the rest of the world
what I can taste, see, hear, touch
what I can feel, suspect, imagine

I know of my desires
and the possibility of their consequences

I do not wish to cause any harm
but know I do
through direct action
knowledgeable negligence
or ignorant complicity
I Do

Life is based on necessity
we're far past that rule
and I see many gentle attempts for life to prune itself

there are also violent ways
and more

I'm doing my best to keep my eyes open
and do what good I can do
with where & when I am

today has been an exceptionally beautiful day
I am grateful
and even more grateful for this gratitude

tonight seems like a very rough night on the subway
I'm taking it short
only from 125th up
but there is so much weariness in all our faces

I am not the only depleted

I'd like to be in the arms of the loving...
but I fear . . .