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Vertical Prose

33.12 @ 12:55 am



I'm trying hard for reality
searching deep for presence

I'm real, I'm present
but there is a more-full way of being
I've felt it
it feels different

(I say..)


if I could move like that
the Reality
putting on the suit

stepping in to

when I practice
I often have revelations
of the sort I only ever got on acid
or orgasm
the occasional meditation

I feel deep inside myself

have you ever been with a baby
fully opened yourself to receiving and reflecting its experience?

(we called it)

we were all once fully alive
dying starts quite young

...when my brother would sit his bulk on me and tickle me
I learned how to pack the feeling away
not being affected by it
"it's just a feeling, why lose control to it?"
numb and still

but now
in this practice
I feel the presence of myself
and them
us together
in/with each other
and it tickles me

I love it
that giddy feeling
out of control I smile and twitch and buck
grinning and giggling

this is really good
it is the key and door
back into Life


anything @ 12:26 pm

there are an infinite number of superficial aspects to fixate on

--"I pulse in order to enchant
realizing receptivity."

Vertical Prose